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Some Addresses in Switzerland

In the economical world, partners are numerous for the field of robotics. 
This section aims at giving some relevant references in Switzerland. Possible suggestions are welcome in order to improve it. 
--- Work in progress (please refer to the page in French for more information) --- 
Industrial References:  
cf., section 42 
Some other links:  
Educational and hobby equipment 
Robotics and artwork: Swiss Mechatronic Art Society 
General reference for Switzerland...:  
Robot-CH website , for the promotion of robotics in Switzerland ,,,: 
... and elsewhere in the world: 
International Federation of Robotics: 
EUnited Robotics (European Robotics Association - for industries): 
The European Robotics Network: 
French website on robotics for everyone: 
Website for debugging and repair of personal robots : 
The European Network for (machine-based) Cognition : 


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